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As the world order evolves due to Covid-19, it creates newer challenges and opportunities for international trade and businesses. The multinational enterprises (MNEs) as well as the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are compelled to revisit their strategies and internationalisation processes. Also, there have been several global phenomena in recent times including Brexit, United States-China trade war, growth of mega-regionalism e.g. RCEP and CP-TPP, and complex networks created through the global value chains (GVCs) and the disruptions therein, among others, which are redefining strategic orientation of the MNEs. Nonetheless, such global realities also have a significant impact on various management functions of the businesses as well as on the engagements between countries and international organisations.

Given this backdrop, FORE School of Management, New Delhi is organising a two-day online international conference to deliberate on the Future of Business in the New Global Realities. The conference aims to bring academics, researchers, and professionals from industry, chambers of commerce, think-tanks, NGOs, inter-governmental organisations, Embassies, and government ministries to virtually engage in a constructive dialogue on such a multidisciplinary theme as this. The scholars and practitioners shall together decipher a pragmatic roadmap relevant to business as well as policy-making.



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FORE International Business Conference (FIBC) 2020